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History of the Brothers

The 'BF' monogram is a cattle brand that was used on the Fowers family dairy farm in Hooper, Utah. The Fowers farm dates back to 1864 when Jesse Fowers Sr. a Latter-Day Saint sailed from England, traveled by train and eventually wagon to settle in the West.

He established the farm out of nothing and became pillar of the community. When he ran for county commissioner the newspaper said of him "Mr. Fowers is a bright, intelligent man, has had considerable experience, has made a success of his own business affairs, and is therefore well qualified to perform all [his] duties..."

Six generations of Fowers have followed that very ethic. Eventually three Fowers brothers that worked that same farm began using the 'BF' brand to mark their livestock. A family cattle brand is point of pride and identity for the hardworking people of the American West.

J. Clark Fowers was the most recent generation to use the 'BF' brand in dairy farming. Adapting to a modernizing economy, Clarke Fowers left dairy farming to become a successful businessman and entrepreneur in southern California. Clarke passed on to his 7 children a legacy of kindness, generosity, independence and good old fashioned hard work.

Today the Fowers Brothers are four creative and quantitative professionals that carry on not only the family brand but also the ethos of 8 generations of hard working pioneers. Each has carved out their own craft. They work with pride and reverence for what it means to bear the 'BF' brand.